1. One of my photos was selected to be on the VSCO curated grid! I’m so incredibly honored and excited. If you’d like to take a look at my other photos on my VSCO grid just click on this link - www.lynaerockwell.vsco.co

  2. Part of an assignment for my documentary photo class. I took a gazillion photos of the wrinkles in my sheets. 

  3. First photos in a while. I was bored this afternoon and decided to look for something interesting to photograph. I liked how the light was falling over the different angles and textures of my ceiling so I took pictures of it. 

  4. They have great chemistry on-stage @johnnyswim #vscocam

  5. @johnnyswim #vscocam

  6. Good morning, from Chattanooga #vscocam

  7. First photo in a while. 


  8. Am I Going Anywhere?

    I’ve been into photography for about four years now. Still, I look at fellow photo-people around me and I feel like am less than adequate. I’ve been wanting to get back to film for the longest time but I haven’t, and more often than not I am shooting with my iPhone rather than my trusty little Nikon dslr. So in these sucky moments I have to ask myself….am I going anywhere with this stuff? Do my photos do anything? Am I growing through this? Should I just give it up? My comparison-obsessed self wants to be a photographer…not just another twenty-year-old with a beat-up Nikon. I want to do something with this….but what? As the end of college approaches I find myself waiting for that bolt of lightening that will tell me where I’m supposed go, and what I’m supposed to do. I’ve always been sure that I wanted to take pictures… But what now? I can’t just keep telling people I’m majoring in art for the rest of my life. So what should I do now (I realize I’m posing a lot of questions but not really answering any of them)?
    For now, I’m just going to keep pushing forward. Even when I feel like I am inadequate, even when I hate all of my photos, and even when I have long dry spells when I don’t take a single one. I’m looking at purchasing a simple 35mm film camera to branch out in a slightly different direction. I might not be able to afford one for another couple of months, but I think it will be good to have. I also have been given a tripod that I’ve been playing around with as of this afternoon. I guess what’s most important now is to pray for guidance and ideas. God is amazingly creative and He knows what I should do with my ideas.
    Anyways, that’s my blah blah blah for this afternoon.

  9. I made a pie because it’s Friday #vscocam #notastoreboughtcrust #liveauthentic

  10. #vscocam