1.   The following photos are of Joanna and Peter. These two got engaged yesterday and I got the privilege of taking some photos of them later in the afternoon. Joanna is an artist with a knack for ceramics and Peter is a history major with a love for spikeball and rugby. Joanna and Peter together are two of the most adventurous, fun-loving people I’ve ever met. It was delightful to take some photos of them during the beautiful cloudy weather. Continue scrolling to see some photos of the happy couple! 

  2. One of my photos was selected to be on the VSCO curated grid! I’m so incredibly honored and excited. If you’d like to take a look at my other photos on my VSCO grid just click on this link - www.lynaerockwell.vsco.co

  3. Part of an assignment for my documentary photo class. I took a gazillion photos of the wrinkles in my sheets. 

  4. First photos in a while. I was bored this afternoon and decided to look for something interesting to photograph. I liked how the light was falling over the different angles and textures of my ceiling so I took pictures of it. 

  5. They have great chemistry on-stage @johnnyswim #vscocam

  6. @johnnyswim #vscocam

  7. Good morning, from Chattanooga #vscocam

  8. First photo in a while. 


  9. Am I Going Anywhere?

    I’ve been into photography for about four years now. Still, I look at fellow photo-people around me and I feel like am less than adequate. I’ve been wanting to get back to film for the longest time but I haven’t, and more often than not I am shooting with my iPhone rather than my trusty little Nikon dslr. So in these sucky moments I have to ask myself….am I going anywhere with this stuff? Do my photos do anything? Am I growing through this? Should I just give it up? My comparison-obsessed self wants to be a photographer…not just another twenty-year-old with a beat-up Nikon. I want to do something with this….but what? As the end of college approaches I find myself waiting for that bolt of lightening that will tell me where I’m supposed go, and what I’m supposed to do. I’ve always been sure that I wanted to take pictures… But what now? I can’t just keep telling people I’m majoring in art for the rest of my life. So what should I do now (I realize I’m posing a lot of questions but not really answering any of them)?
    For now, I’m just going to keep pushing forward. Even when I feel like I am inadequate, even when I hate all of my photos, and even when I have long dry spells when I don’t take a single one. I’m looking at purchasing a simple 35mm film camera to branch out in a slightly different direction. I might not be able to afford one for another couple of months, but I think it will be good to have. I also have been given a tripod that I’ve been playing around with as of this afternoon. I guess what’s most important now is to pray for guidance and ideas. God is amazingly creative and He knows what I should do with my ideas.
    Anyways, that’s my blah blah blah for this afternoon.

  10. I made a pie because it’s Friday #vscocam #notastoreboughtcrust #liveauthentic